For the health of the baby and mother
Convenient baby bidet anywhere and at anytime

baby bidet murmur

Anytime, Anywhere
Wash by love, wash by murmur


Only murmur lets you wash the baby at a washstand, sink, and basin.

Baby Bidet

Can be used by installing on a washstand or a sink. We made the outlet in the most defecation-smeared area to clean the area easily and to prevent the flowing backward of night soil.

An auxiliary chair for bath

You can install this in a bathtub and basin when you bathe the baby. The baby will feel stable and comfortable, which allows you to wash conveniently.

Nursing & Weaning seat

Supports the baby stably and you can nurse and wean comfortably. (Prevents vomit and ear inflammation caused by the mother’s joint pains and the baby’s bad posture)

' The murmur is

A foreign and domestic patent applied product.'

Smart Baby Bidet murmur

lets baby`s defecation to be handled easily and cleanly

for the sake of the baby and mother’s health.

01 The baby can keep the right position as they lie comfortably.

02 In particular, murmur can protect the neck of a newborn baby.

03 You can clean up tidily with flowing water preventing skin trouble.

04 The guardian can assume a comfortable posture and protect the joints.

05 When the weaning seat is used, the comfortable posture helps digestion and prevents the flowing

backward of the mother`s milk and ear inflammation caused when nursed on flat ground.

06 murmur sticks to high quality and safe material for babies and never uses recycled plastic.


Keeps the baby`s body
shape stable &
Protects the neck.


Can be used at any time
and everywhere
with ease and


Light and convenient
carry & Easy


Can reduce the
use of water tissue,

Natural touch of mother and baby in the course of washing forms communion

and affinity and helps develop emotional development of the baby.

Ergonomic design

① Non-slip back side

② Design suitable for dented feet

③ Design usable on curved surface

    3 layer safety structure supporting over 20kg weight

④ Ergonomic design considering body`s body shape and movement

⑤ Provides comfort, Silicon pad preventing slip

⑥ Minimizesbackflow proving comfort for baby buttocks

⑦ Design suitable for washing considering water flow

Functions   Anytime and Anywhere with ease and convenience


Smart Baby Bidet

Has a cradle and suction plate to mount on washstands and basins.

In addition, the bidet has a scientific form of outlet, which eliminates waste very well and prevents backflow.

The guardian can use both hands, which makes it easy to wipe defecation between the baby`s legs.

You can take a comfortable position while washing, protecting your spine and joints.


Convenient bath booster seat

The installment on a washstand or a basin will allow the baby to take a comfortable position while being bathed.

When using washstand, the guardian can use it standing, which doesn`t give strain on the waist.

You can also mount it on a common basin for a brief bath.


Safe nursing & weaning seat

Comfortable nursing is available by supporting the baby stably whilebreast feeding.

murmur makes the baby`s posture comfortable, which helps digestion and prevents vomiting.

The guardian can hold the baby comfortably and this reduces burdens put on the arms and waist.

How to use   Early stage mother and fathers can easily install and use it.


Remove moist from the place of usage
(washstand, sink etc)
in order for the suction plate to be fixed.


Install suction plate and the backside
of the main body in the proper location.


Lay the baby down on murmur
with a comfortable position.
(Tip. check the temperature of the water)


Lift up the baby`s legs slightly
and remove defecation easily
with babbling water.


We prepared 5 kinds of color silicon pad.
(Silicon pad is apt to grow in water for a long time. Keep it dry after use)


As packed with high quality package, it is also suitable as a gift.

  Make sure that it is used with a guardian nearby.

  When used attached, before attaching it,

moisture in the place of usage must be removed.

  Before use, make sure it is attached to the target place.